“I loved the workshop!  You are a special presence, and your knowledge & ability are a blessing.”

—Kate McKutchan, Unity Church of Harrisburg

Church choirs and lay worship leaders offer a unique blend of blessing and challenge to professional church staff: we appreciate their enthusiasm, and often feel hesitant to offer criticism (no matter how constructive) for fear of “fixing what ain’t broke.” What often results, unfortunately, is sub-par worship, in which the congregation does their best to experience holiness “in spite of” the people who are there, allegedly, to help them achieve that goal.

Singing and speaking in worship are no less challenging than participating in live theatre. In fact, leading worship can often bemore challenging than “regular” theatre—we don’t have the luxury of a scripted character to “hide behind” as we share emotional, deeply meaningful messages with the roomful of friends, family members, and strangers who sit staring at us!

Of course you know better—you’re a professional. But prophets get little respect at home, and sometimes it takes a visit from an outsider to communicate the messages you’ve been trying to share. That’s where I come in.

Drawing upon my three decades of public speaking, acting, and singing, I both reinforce the wisdom you’ve already shared with your “flock,” and offer new perspectives and reminders that can have a big impact with just a little effort. I have a casual, collaborative leadership style that draws the answers out of workshop participants rather than trying to hand down lectured wisdom “from on high,” so your laypeople come away feeling proud ownership of their new visions, ideas, and skills!

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I have a menu of workshops that I can facilitate with very little notice, but I also enjoy crafting new workshops for new groups and situations.  If you’re interested in talking with me about how I could help your group, I hope you’ll review my workshop fee schedule and submit an event inquiry.