Paying for My Music

As of November, 2020, all titles in my catalog are available on a “pay-as-you-will” basis.  Patrons are able to download preview PDFs of any of my titles from the Shop page, and access recordings on my SoundCloud channel, and then simply submit payment to me that is commensurate to the value they find in the music itself.

Please note: this does not mean that you may use my music for free—even (nay, especially) if you’re using it in an “educational” or “religious” setting. It does mean that I am aware of the vast diversity of budgets available to the individuals, congregations, and organizations who might find my music suitable for their needs.

When considering what you’re willing to pay for any of my compositions or arrangements, I ask that you consider a number of points:

  1. How many copies will you be printing/distributing?
  2. Will you be streaming, recording, or sharing this music?
  3. What would you pay for a comparable purchase at, say, JW Pepper, Musicnotes, Apple Music, or Amazon?
  4. Will this purchase be used in a setting that will allow you to raise money through donations, offerings, or ticket sales?
  5. How important is it to you that independent composers like me continue to make our work readily available to the public?
  6. If someone were to gift this music to you for no reason at all, would you respond in kind by, say, taking them out for coffee and a scone?  How much would that coffee-and-scone combination cost you?

Once you’ve determined the amount you’d like to pay, simply select one of the payment processors below (I’ve listed them in my order of preference), and bask in the glory of supporting independent musicians!

If you prefer to send a paper check, please include a description of your purchase (on the memo line or an enclosed cover letter) and mail to this address:

David M. Glasgow
c/o The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center
4913 Gettysburg Rd
Mechanicsburg PA 17055-4816

All that said—if you’re genuinely not able to pay for my music right now, you may use it with my blessing.  But please return to the site and make a contribution when you find you do have funds available to support independent music-making.  I appreciate it!