DMGS3 2016 Videos


To view or download a copy of the program from this event, click here.


Click a student’s name to expand the accordion and view their video(s).

Note that this page of is password protected for the privacy of my students.  You may share your individual video with friends and family, however, by clicking the YouTube logo in the video itself, which will take you to the video on, where you will find sharing and commenting options.  (If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, simply contact me and I can either change your video to a password-protected “private” setting or remove it from YouTube altogether.)

Victor Capozzi
Kiersten Frantz
Sophia Harrison
Scott Herneisey
Carmen Hershey
Maddie Himler
Kassidy Kramer
Kalakanthi Mensah-Dzomley
Michael Rugnetta
Aidan Sallie
Katie Sharbaugh
Brennan Shiffler
Kaitlyn Simmons