“Wow. Your lyrics are beautiful and heartfelt and deep and… real. Yeah, that’s the big one—they’re real.”

—Jessica Nupponen, Colonial Park UCC

I write a lot of songs for specific occasions, and then never quite get around to making them available for public consumption by cleaning up the scores and preparing them for sale.  But there’s no excuse for not sharing the lyrics to these pieces.

In the sidebar (or down below, if you’re on a smaller screen), you’ll find a list of songs I’ve written for which music is not yet available.  Click a title to view those lyrics.  (Feel free to pretend the rhyme scheme makes any sense at all without the melody behind it.)

If you love a lyric and would like to take a glance at the print music, drop me a line!  I can usually make titles available with a couple of days’ notice, and offer great discounts to kind souls who motivate me gently to get my work done.  😉