DMGS3 2019 Videos



Click a student’s name to expand the accordion and view their video(s).

Note that this page of is password protected for the privacy of my students.  The videos are simply “Unlisted” on YouTube, however, so you may share your individual video with friends and family by clicking the YouTube logo in the video itself.  That will take you to the video on, where you will find sharing and commenting options.  (If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, simply contact me and I can either change your video to a password-protected “Private” setting or remove it from YouTube altogether.)

Stella Andersen
Katelyn Anderson
William Babitts
Jen Bedford
Autumn Brown
Jacob Carmack
Jaime Carson
Alex Conrad
Cathy Dewalt
Katie Dominguez
Patrick Finkey
Emma Fisher
Flo Ford
Olivia Foster
Kiersten Frantz
Jordana Freedman
Chris Gray
Reagan Hayden
Carmen Hershey
Rayne Houser
Alex King
Jonathan MacDicken
Grace Miller
Erika Monn
Megan Mwaura
Isabella Reeser
Emily Reusswig
Sophie Reusswig
Laura Rumley
Aidan Sallie
Landon Sallie
Philip Sanders
Jack Travisano
Grace Wolfe
Mercy Younts
Cleo Zengerle
Lakin Zengerle