Piano Maintenance, Tuning, and Service

How often should I have my piano tuned and serviced?

The Piano Technicians Guild recommends having your piano tuned and serviced by a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) at least twice per year under most circumstances.  (That’s the short answer.  For much more complete details, see this page of the PTG website.)

What piano technicians do you recommend in our area?

I have used all of the following technicians under various circumstances, and have been pleased with all of them.  You may wish to request price quotes or other details before scheduling service.  (Of course, there are other fine technicians in the area.  These are simply ones I’ve worked with personally.)

My technician has recommended additional services. What do you think?

Professional piano technicians are great at recognizing the potential in whatever instrument they’re looking at.  The best of them will ask about your goals for the instrument, any musicians who use the piano, etc., and will recommend only those services that will best support those goals.  (E.g., there’s no sense completely rebuilding the action on a piano that will only be used by a 6-year-old to practice “Mary’s Little Lamb.”)

Whenever a technician recommends service, it can be helpful to remember that, with rare exceptions, nothing about servicing a rehearsal piano is urgent.  Ask the technician to give you a full briefing on the benefits the service will provide, and take a few weeks to decide whether the benefits are worth the cost in your particular situation.