Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  As of November 2020 I’m switching to a “pay-as-you-will” price model.  This does not mean my music is free for you to use without payment. Click here for payment details.

I’m slowly working through the files below to standardize them and replace payment language with the new policy, and I thank you for your patience. In the meantime, here’s a list of the titles in my catalog. Click the title of a piece (where available) to view comprehensive details about the piece. Click “Preview” to access a watermarked PDF for perusal purposes. Click “Purchase” to request access to the un-watermarked score, parts, and any other resources available for that piece.

And if you can’t find the information you need about a particular piece, feel free to drop me a line and ask me to get off my tuchus. A little external motivation can be a good thing….

Vocal Solos

Before Mepreviewpurchase
For You, For Mepreviewpurchase
God Abides in Your Eyespreviewpurchase
Grateful (solo)previewpurchase
Kind of Christmaspreviewpurchase
This Treepreviewpurchase
To Flypreviewpurchase
To Know You (solo)previewpurchase

Choral Music & Vocal Ensembles

6 Sourcespreviewpurchase
7 Principlespreviewpurchase
Filled with Loving Kindnesspreviewpurchase
For You, For Mepreviewpurchase
God Abides in Your Eyespreviewpurchase
Grateful (choral)previewpurchase
Heard on High (ATB)previewpurchase
Heard on High (SSA)previewpurchase
Here Together (full)previewpurchase
I’ll Fly Awaypreviewpurchase
The Light We Seepreviewpurchase
Remember the Dark (cantata)previewpurchase
To Know You (trio)previewpurchase
When I Breathe Inpreviewpurchase
When Jelly Beans Are Criminalpreviewpurchase
When the Spirit Says Dopreviewpurchase

Liturgical & congregational singing

6 Sourcespreviewpurchase
7 Principlespreviewpurchase
As You Go from This Roompreviewpurchase
Here Together (refrains only)previewpurchase
Spirit of Lifepreviewpurchase

Piano music

In Limbolistenpreviewpurchase
A Moment for Dancing (4 hands)listenpreviewpurchase