Maps & Directions

Home Studio

My home studio is located at 7 Joseph Drive in Boiling Springs. This location is generally more convenient for students living in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Dillsburg, and points west. This location includes free off-street parking, and includes a lounge area, beverages, and snacks for “chauffeurs” and traveling companions. (We do have four cats at this location, which may be a deterrent to allergy sufferers.) Most Tuesday and Thursday lessons are held at this location. Directions and other details about my home studio are available here.

The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center

For students for whom the cow-heavy “metropolis” of Boiling Springs is a daunting jaunt, I also offer lessons on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center, in a newly purchased space located just off Route 15 in Mechanicsburg.  Parking is free in the lot directly in front of the facility entrance, and there is a comfortable waiting area on each floor where chauffeurs can wait without “eavesdropping” on their students.  (Also, no cats, which may be either a plus or a minus, depending upon your personal situation.)  Click here for directions and other details.

UUCV Meeting House

Our annual Spring Studio Showcase (known affectionately as “DMG S3”) and some ad-hoc sessions are held in the meeting house of the Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley, located at 2 Forge Road in Boiling Springs.  I generally try to hold lessons at this location for all students during the week preceding the Showcase.  (This allows students to practice in the space, on the piano we’ll be using, before we have an audience!)  Directions and details about the meeting house are here.


Click here to enter the waiting room for David's private Zoom meeting! While this Zoom link is included in the confirmation email for online appointments, sometimes it’s most convenient to just recall that you can get to my Zoom channel by visiting  (You can also click the big blue “Zoom” button on the right there, if that’s easier.  See how accommodating I try to be?)