Vocal Synergy Learning Community

The Vocal Synergy Learning Community (affectionately known simply as “Synergy”) was born out of a desire to give frequent students of the Vocal Performance Masterclass an opportunity to deepen the relationships of support, encouragement, and accountability that begin to emerge when we practice being vulnerable in the presence of other artists.

Members of Synergy commit to attending monthly classes on the 2nd Saturday of each month for one, two, or three trimesters at a time. (Trimesters run Sep-Oct-Nov, Dec-Jan-Feb, and Mar-Apr-May. Synergy currently takes a break over the summer.) All classes run from 10 AM to noon in the upstairs common room at The Perfect 5th. (I strongly recommend students confirm their availability and enter Synergy meetings on their personal calendars before registering. There are no refunds or credits for missed Synergy sessions.)

Each month, Synergy members have an opportunity to sing for one another and share feedback with one another, just like the standard VPMC. But Synergy members also enjoy cultivating deepened relationships of trust and vulnerability, and use those relationships to help one another to set and achieve specific goals as vocal musicians—memorizing a single piece, mastering a challenging passage, and “owning” a particular register or note are all common challenges that singers often need a little “nudge” to overcome.

As a bonus, all Synergy members are entitled to register free for all VPMC classes held during their subscribed Synergy trimesters—up to 9 free classes per year!

Synergy Tuition for a full three trimesters is only $350. This includes 9 Synergy sessions plus up to 9 VPMC sessions, or an average of less than $20.00 per class! Students who are unable to commit to the full 9-month year may register for two trimesters (6 months) for $250, or a single trimester (3 months) for $150. Regardless of term, tuition must be paid prior to the start of the first class.

If you are unable to commit to attending ALL sessions during your registered trimesters (barring illness or emergencies, of course), I respectfully ask that you not take a Synergy membership that could be fully used by another student. Instead, I invite you to consider the ad-hoc Vocal Performance Masterclass.

Maximum Synergy membership is 12 students, so be sure to reserve your spot early! Because vulnerability and authenticity are key goals of the program, Synergy subscribers must be 16 or older, and class attendance is closed to non-members.

Please note: COVID precautions for each session will be shared with registrants a few days prior to our meeting, and will be based upon current CDC recommendations for indoor gatherings.

Because of the vulnerable nature of the Synergy community, I ask that interested students contact me directly to register for the group (or if you have any questions before making the commitment!) Registration must be completed prior to the first day of the first month of the student’s first trimester—September, December, or March.