Billing & Payment

Monthly billing

Students who schedule regular weekly lessons with me are billed monthly, either under the Subscription plan or the Pay-Per-Lesson plan.

Subscription Plan

As a solo business owner, my preference is to spend the majority of my time preparing to give each student the specialized attention they need to best work toward their artistic goals.  I therefore strongly recommend students participate in the Subscription payment plan.

The Subscription Plan requires students to participate in “Auto Pay,” which securely pays your invoice each month to make sure there’s no chance of accidental late fees if you’re having a particularly distracted month (we all have them!) and eliminates the need for us to spend lesson time handling payment details.  To set up Auto Pay, simply follow these instructions to securely store your credit card and/or bank information at MMS, and leave the “Automatically pay emailed invoices” box checked when you save the information.

Subscription students will be billed a flat monthly rate of $170 per month of half-hour lessons.  (A “month” of lessons will be either 4 or 5 weekly lessons, determined by the calendar, but 12 months of lessons will equal 52 lessons—so Subscription lessons work out to about $40 per half-hour lesson.)  Full-hour Subscription lessons are billed $320 per month (about $75 per lesson), and Subscription families with more than one student per week are billed $150 per month per half-hour student (about $35 per lesson).  These payments, along with any other expenses or credits, will be automatically applied to your payment method on the last day of the month preceding the lessons.

Subscription lessons are subject to the cancellation & make-up policy described on my Scheduling page.

Pay-Per-Lesson Plan

For students who prefer the freedom to spread their payments out through the month or to pay in person, I also offer a Pay-Per-Lesson plan.

Under the Pay-Per-Lesson plan, you will receive an emailed invoice from every Friday that includes the tuition for any lessons in the upcoming week, plus any music purchases, expenses, and credits that may have been applied to your account over the previous week.  You can either bring payment with you to your lesson or pay online in advance.)

Under the Pay-Per-Lesson plan, lessons will be billed at a rate of $45 per half-hour or $85 per full hour.  (PPL families with more than one student per week will pay a discounted rate of $42.50 per half-hour.)

Note that my 24-hour cancellation & make-up policy also applies to Pay-Per-Lesson students; cancelling a lesson with less than 24 hours’ notice does not absolve a student of the responsibility to pay for that lesson, plus an Unpaid Lesson Fee if the lesson was not paid for in advance.

Extra lessons

Invoices for lessons scheduled outside of or in addition to regular weekly lessons (regardless of payment plan) will be generated separately, usually within 24 hours of the scheduling of the session, and are due before the beginning of the session.  (See below for information about late fees.)

Other online payments

I can also receive payments (with or without an invoice number) through the following online payment processors, listed in my order of preference:

Payments received through these means will be credited toward any outstanding orders or invoices on your account, and you will receive an email confirmation of the payment once it is recorded.  Because payments made through these services take longer to become available for my use, the effective date of these payments will be 3 business days following the date you initiate the payment.  You are responsible for any late fees that accrue prior to the effective date of a payment made through any of these services.

Paying in person or by mail

If you prefer not to send your payment electronically, I can of course accept payments in person via cash, check or credit card.  Or you may choose to mail a paper check, though it’s important to note that this often adds a week or more to the processing time for your payment, and that you are responsible for any late fees that accrue prior to the effective date of a payment made by mail.  To mail a check, address it to:

David M. Glasgow
c/o The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center
4913 Gettysburg Rd
Mechanicsburg PA 17055-4816

Past-due invoices

  • Payment for any invoice is due by 11:59pm on the invoice due date.
  • If any unpaid balance remains 7 days after the invoice date, my system will send you an automatic courtesy reminder.
  • Failure to bring an invoice current after 90 days may result in significant additional fees and third-party collection activity.

Unpaid lessons

  • All lessons must be paid for in advance.  A $10 Unpaid Lesson fee will be added to the price of every lesson taken while a past-due balance remains on the student’s account.