A bug in your ear

Ladybug Psst.

Y’all know already that I hate Christmas*, and that I’m not a fan of calendar-based gift-giving.  But I know that I represent a (vocal but lovable) minority in holding those positions—and anyway, the news I’m about to share with you kinda takes the idea of calendar-based giving and flips it on its head.  So with only reluctant acknowledgment that “Black Friday” is hurtling our way.…

I’ve just launched a new page on my website that allows you to purchase gift lessons for your friends and loved ones, right online!  You can purchase single ad-hoc lessons for the “list price” of $40 each, or save money by purchasing lessons in “packs”:

  • The Baker’s Month gives your student five ad-hoc lessons for the price of four—or you could think of it as $32 per lesson.
  • With the Season of Music package, your student can study weekly for 15 weeks—three months worth of lessons—for $450.  That’s less than the price of 12 ad-hoc sessions bought separately!  (This package works out to $30 per lesson.)
  • And if you’re feeling particularly benevolent (and feel like getting a great deal)—you can purchase the School Days package: 40 lessons for just $1120.  It’s like getting 12 free lessons over the course of the year, or paying only $28 per lesson!

Whichever package you choose, you’ll pay online using your PayPal balance or credit card, and immediately receive a confirmation email (from scheduling@acuityscheduling.com) with the Certificate Code that your recipient will use on my Gift Session scheduling page to schedule their sessions.  You’ll also receive a link to a Gift Certificate that can be printed and/or emailed to the recipient.  (They’re quite sharp-looking, if I say so myself.)

You can compare those packages and purchase one (or more…) on this page, found under the “Teaching” tab of my website.  And as always, I hope you’ll feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

What do you say to that?