Middle C is our Note of the Month!

Music notation representing middle C, in a minimalist contemporary photo frame.I’m thrilled to announce that, starting this month, all of my students will be invited to participate in a new program I call “Note of the Month.”  Because we all—whether we’re singers, pianists, songwriters, or actors—use the same spectrum of sound as the medium for our art-making, it’s important that we gain confidence and skill at using all of the pitches we have at our disposal.  What better way to do that than giving each note its own special month?

This month, to get the program started, we’ll be looking at Middle C (handsomely framed in the embedded image)—using this pitch exclusively in our warm-ups, fingering exercises, and monologues, rewriting all vocal melodies to include only this pitch… the possibilities are virtually limitless (except that they’ll be limited to this single pitch)!  I promise you, after 30 days of focusing on this pitch, you’ll never see (or hear) it the same way again!

We’ll talk more about this exciting program together in lessons, but as always, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Happy April Fool’s, everyone!

What do you say to that?