Rehearsing choral music with David

photo of GVIDO digital score reader on piano If you would like to rehearse choral music during your lesson time, it is most helpful if I have a clean digital copy of your music before you arrive for your session.  For many ensembles—District Choruses, County Choruses, etc.—I have multiple students involved in the ensemble, so check with me first to be sure I don’t already have the copies I need.

If I do ask you to provide copies of the music for me, please first ask your choral director if they can provide or link to additional copies for teaching purposes, ideally in digital (PDF) format.

If your director cannot provide these files, and you have a flatbed scanner available to you, you can help us make the best use of our working time by scanning and sharing the music with me.  For each individual piece you need to rehearse:

  • Scan at 300 dpi, using greyscale settings.  (Color scans produce unnecessarily large files, and black-and-white scans produce grainy, hard-to-read images.)
  • Scan all pages of the piece that include musical notes.  (I don’t need the front cover, program notes, composer biographies, etc.)  Be sure your scans include the full page—all notes, markings, and page numbers.
  • Align each page as close to perfectly as possible with the sides of the scanner—music that is scanned “cater-cornered” will need to be manipulated before I can load it onto my digital score reader.
  • Create a new separate individual file for each piece, and use the title of the piece as the filename (e.g., “A Song for Choir.pdf”).
  • Share the files with me via Google Drive, or email them directly to, at least 24 hours prior to your lesson.

If you or your choral director has any questions, feel free to contact me—again, ideally, at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment.