Workshop Fees

Workshop fees are determined on a case-by-case basis and vary widely, but the following guidelines may be helpful in your inquiry and preliminary planning.


The first consideration in any speaking engagement is travel to the site. For destinations within approximately a 150-mile radius of Boiling Springs, PA, I’ll usually either rent a car and invoice you for rental and fuel, or just drive to the destination and request reimbursement for mileage based upon the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate. When scheduling travel to venues outside that radius, I’ll consult with you to select the most cost-effective means of travel. In any case, the event organizer is expected to cover my travel, meals, and lodging costs for the duration of my journey.

Professional Fee

Whether chosen from my “menu” of pre-existing workshops or custom-targeted to the specific needs of a group, I generally use the following “ballpark figures” as a starting point for discussions—but please note that I’m happy to negotiate a reasonable plan to meet the specific needs of your organization, so smaller organizations should not allow these numbers to discourage them from making inquiries. For groups with more limited budgets, I may choose to consider a portion of my fee an “in-kind donation,” as long as other expenses are covered.

Single workshop
(up to 90 minutes)
Two-workshop bundle
(adjacent with break between)
All-Day workshop series
(4 workshops with breaks & meal)
“Night & Day” bundle
(e.g., Two workshops Friday evening + All-Day Saturday)
Worship Leadership
(includes sermon, special music, collaborative leadership; added to one of the above)

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