That time the stars lined up just right…

Every now and then an artist creates something that, whether it’s benevolent muses or subconscious connection to the hive mind or just dumb luck, feels “just right” for its moment in time.  “Here Together” has been one of those “somethings” for me—I wrote the first refrain several years ago just so I could have something no one would already know, but that would be easy to teach to a workshop crowd.  Now we sing it just about every time we gather at UUCV; young kids who can’t yet read know the words and sing along with heart-filling gusto.  And for special occasions, I developed the short refrain into a full anthem—that’s the version I had the privilege of singing with the amazing Allison Mickelson and friends at Middle Collegiate Church in NYC.

fahs-ht This spring, someone thought that little phrase—”here together”—would make a great title for a study on multi-generational worship.  The Sophia Fahs Collaborative agreed.  And now my little song—as performed by members and friends of the UUCV choir—is the theme song for an entire online curriculum.

Click through to view the overview of this wonderful series, or to subscribe to the whole program.  (It’s free, so you really have nothing to lose by exploring!)

What do you say to that?