Obsessiveness (in moderation)

One week from right now I’ll be in New York, trying (if I know me, with limited success) to relax and prepare for Sunday’s photo shoot with Kris Rogers.  Once I get those photos back (which will probably take a couple of weeks, I imagine), I’ll plug them in to the various corners of the site, and I’ll have no more excuses not to go live officially!

That huge “before website launch” checklist I mentioned earlier has continued to tick away, but while I’ve really been enjoying stretching my wings with the structure, design, and coding of the site, I’m also recognizing that “you’re obsessing, David” knot that develops in my right trapezius when I’ve been doing detail work for too long.  (I’m torn between wishing my muscles would just let me do my thing, and wishing they’d somehow warn me earlier when I’m engaging in behavior that’s going to get me in trouble.)

Anyhoo.  I’ve moved a few of those “before launch” items to a new list—”Picky Things to Look at After Website Launch.”  Now that I’ve gotten the overall design to a place I feel good about, and have the site functioning as fully as I can be sure of (before the Murphy’s Law crucible that is actually going live!), I’m reminding myself that little CSS details (like making sure all of the various fonts and styles match up exactly between plugins) can wait.

And now, with my shoulder throbbing a bit, I think it’s time to celebrate a good productive Saturday afternoon, and go spend some time with hubby.

What do you say to that?