Me (a name to call myself)

Well, that was surprising!  One of the things I’ve always struggled with in my professional web presence is the whole saying-nice-things-about-myself thing.  The way this manifested itself in previous versions of my website was that while I used first-person language to talk about the future—“I look forward to working with you” and the like—I invariably discovered I’d used third-person language in talking about my accomplishments.  (“David was named #1 Music Teacher in Harrisburg for 2015 by Thumbtack users!”)

Anyhoo.  Curious how others felt about it, I posted the question on Facebook:


The results were nearly unanimous: first-person it is!

Won’t my therapist be thrilled when she learns folks expect me to say nice things about myself using my own voice!  (Damn, I hate when she’s right.…)  😉

What do you say to that?