The Matinee Cabaret

Performers know the work of getting a song ready for the stage can feel like a never-ending journey. But the irony is that, if we do that work well, to our audience it can seem like the music “just happens.”

What would happen if those two perspectives were to converge—performers and audience members exploring together what makes a performance powerful, and learning together how to love music from both sides of the mic?

From 2 to 4 PM on the first Saturday of each month (September through June), area voice students join singer/pianist/actor/director David M. Glasgow, multi-instrumentalist Dani Fiore, and bassist Allen Roth* at Empowered Music Education to create just that magical convergence—performing, getting feedback from the pros and the audience alike, and experimenting with ways to incorporate that feedback into their performance. (It’s SO much fun!)

A step up on the “performance anxiety” scale from the Vocal Performance Masterclass, but not quite as big a production as the Spring Studio Showcase, the Matinee Cabaret offers students an opportunity to work closely with live professional instrumentalists in a casual workshop environment—and their family and friends an opportunity to relax over (family-friendly) drinks and nibblies as they observe and even comment on the process by which a performer hones their craft and prepares for the stage!

Vocalists age 13 and above who are interested in performing at a Matinee Cabaret should register using the links below. Tuition for the event is $40 per student—or a student can offset their tuition by inviting four audience participants to sponsor them (see below)!

Audience participants are a big part of the fun too! Admission includes a seat, a (family-friendly) beverage, and a snack to enjoy during the event, plus the opportunity to enjoy and collaborate in the music-making process through observations and comments! Audience participants also have the opportunity to sponsor performers with whom they have a connection—up to four audience members may sponsor each individual performer at each event. (Audience members of all ages are welcome, but please note that we do not filter repertory with family considerations in mind.) Tickets are $15 each, or $10 when purchased in advance on the Empowered Music website.

Of course, please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about the Matinee Cabaret!

Join as an Audience Participant

Audience tickets are available at the door for $15 each, or may be purchased in advance at a discounted rate of $10 each through the Empowered Music website.

Register as a vocalist

Vocalists may register through David’s TuneKey portal using the links below—or just contact David directly if you’re not a current student.

*Instrumentalists may vary by availability.