Remember the Dark: A Cantata for the Winter Solstice

UUCV Choir and Friends
  1. -:-- / 3:26
  2. -:-- / 3:34
  3. -:-- / 4:53
  4. -:-- / 3:30
  5. -:-- / 5:38
  6. -:-- / 4:42

Amelia Mason is a good mom—though she doesn’t always believe that.  She’s a hard worker—though her employer doesn’t always appreciate that.  And she cares for her neighbors and others she meets—though in her mind, that’s no big deal.  She’s just living her life, day to day to day.  But when the washer breaks down, a coworker drops the ball, and her daughter “suddenly remembers” a report that’s due tomorrow, the routine of “just another day” falls out from under her, and Amelia is forced to choose between her plans… and her well-being.