UUCV Music Sunday 2016

Boiling Springs, PA, USA

UUCV Meetinghouse

10:30 AM

Music Sunday 2016: “Silence (and Other Figments of Our Imagination)”

It may seem paradoxical for us to focus on silence at our annual Music Sunday service. On the other hand, where else is a musician to begin, but silence? And what do we do when we can't find any?

Once a year or so, Rev. Aija lets David take the reins (and the pulpit!) for a worship experience that is all about music—except when it isn't. This year David will be talking about silence as an essential part of music-making and of social justice work, with help from the UUCV Choir and Band, and a special guest or two. Join us for a service on "Silence" that promises to be much louder than one might expect!

Venue Details

2 Forge Road
Boiling Springs, PA 17007