Spring Studio Showcase

Once a year it’s good to celebrate!  Every spring I schedule an event I lovingly call the “DMGS3“: The David M. Glasgow Spring Studio Showcase, usually in mid-April. The DMGS3 is a chance for all of my students—vocalists, pianists, and songwriters—to come together, show off, and have fun!  (All of my students are encouraged, but not required, to perform at the DMGS3.)

The event itself is, as one recent attendee described it, “a real production!”  I prepare keepsake programs including student biographies and repertory, secure professional instrumentalists to accompany voice students, and hire professional videographers to document the event (so parents don’t need to watch their children through a smartphone screen!).  Nursery care is also available for younger siblings and guests, if requested in advance of the event.

Attendance at the event is free, and students are encouraged to invite family and friends to attend, but I add a small “Showcase Subsidy” to the monthly invoice for students who perform to help offset the costs of the event.  I hope you’ll plan to participate!

Videos from past DMGS3 events are available for viewing.  (You’ll need to be logged in as a student to view these archives.)