Accessing Custom Activities

As a way of helping you gain familiarity with Practica Musica and how to use it, I’ve created several custom Practica Musica activities. To access any of these custom activities, do the following:

  1. Launch Practica Musica and open your Student File. (Instructions here.)
  2. In the main “Choose an Activity” window, click “From your instructor” (fourth item from the bottom of the list): 
  3. Then click “Select an activity online” and click the Open button: 
  4. If you’re not yet logged into Webstudents, Practica Musica will ask for your Webstudents account. Enter dglasgow in this field, make sure the “Use Webstudents” box is checked, and click OK:
  5. Once you’re logged into Webstudents, you’ll see the categories of Activities I’ve made available to you:
  6. Continue to navigate the menus in this way to locate the activity I’ve recommended you practice.

NOTE: Once you’ve located a particular exercise, you may mark it as a “Favorite” for quicker access in the future.  See this page for details.