Private Teaching Studio Policies

Regular lessons


  • For most students, I recommend weekly half-hour sessions, for which I charge $30 each.  Students who demonstrate consistent work habits and proficiency may benefit from weekly full-hour sessions ($60 each); I am happy to discuss this possibility if it appeals to the student.
  • If you are unable to commit to a weekly appointment time, you may schedule individual “ad hoc” lessons up to 30 days in advance.  See below for details.
  • Once your lessons have been scheduled, they will appear on my online Lesson Calendar, accessible under the “Teaching” menu under “Housekeeping > Lesson Calendar.”  As an additional convenience, the morning before each scheduled lesson, my website will send an email to confirm your appointment.

Billing & Payment

  • During the last ten days of each month, you will receive an emailed Lesson Schedule & Invoice from Freshbooks that details all lessons scheduled for the coming month, along with any music purchases and other expenses that may have been added to your account over the previous month.  (Most account-related emails will come from, so please add this address to your spam filter’s whitelist.)
  • I recommend that you confirm on receipt that all scheduled lessons appear on your personal calendar, and notify me by email immediately of any conflicts so that the invoice can be adjusted.
  • Once you have confirmed that your invoice is correct, you may submit payment online or by other means; see my Payment Page, available in the Contact menu under “Send a Payment,” for details.
  • Payment for regular invoices is due on or before the first day of the month.  An invoice is considered past-due if has not been paid in full by midnight on the invoice date.

Cancelling individual lessons

  • I will assume that our lessons will continue at their regular interval (e.g., every Wednesday at 6:00 PM) unless I receive notification from you by email about the need for an adjustment.  If I receive such a notification before you have paid the invoice that includes the lesson in question, I will simply remove the fee for the cancelled lesson and issue you an updated invoice.
  • If you discover that illness or other conflict will prevent you from attending a session for which you have already paid, please send me an email as soon as possible (but absolutely no later than 24 hours in advance of your appointment) so that I can offer the vacant time slot to other students.  Please do not attempt to cancel a lesson by text message, phone call, verbally, etc., without also following up with an email.
  • Students whose accounts are in good standing (i.e., no outstanding invoices) may apply the payment from their cancelled lesson to an “ad-hoc” session (as described below) to make up the missed lesson, or simply apply the credit to the following month’s lessons.
  • A student who develops a pattern of frequent cancellations may be asked to release their regular lesson time and switch to an “ad-hoc” lesson arrangement, as described below.
  • My professional schedule does occasionally create conflicts with regularly scheduled student sessions; in these instances I do all in my power to arrange for acceptable alternate lesson times, usually finalizing such arrangements several weeks in advance of the conflict.
  • If I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, I will make every reasonable effort to contact you as early as possible, and will of course issue credit for any such session we’re unable to reschedule.


  • Because reserving a session under your name prevents me from offering it to other students, I do not issue refunds or credits for lessons missed without at least 24 hours’ notice, as described above.

Discontinuing lessons

  • When the time comes for you to discontinue studies with me, just let me know—preferably at least a month prior to the date of your last lesson, so that I can begin to make your lesson time available to other students.  I’ll remove future appointments from my calendar, and will refund any fees paid for lessons you won’t be taking.  (I usually send money via ZellePayPal, or Venmo, but if you prefer an old-fashioned paper check I can make that happen too.)

Ad-hoc lessons

  • Ad-hoc coaching sessions are usually available, based upon cancellations and gaps in my regular schedule.  You can view available time slots for ad-hoc sessions on this page, also accessible from the “Contact” menu under “Schedule an Ad-Hoc Session.”
  • In order to minimize conflicts with students requesting ongoing weekly lessons, I do not schedule ad-hoc sessions more than 30 days in advance.
  • Shortly after scheduling an ad-hoc session, you will receive an invoice for the session fee.  (Most account-related emails will come from, so please add this address to your spam filter’s whitelist.)  Payment for that invoice must be received in advance of the session (or paid in person at the time of the session), or a $5.00 late payment surcharge will be added to the fee and the invoice will be considered past due.

Past-due invoices

  • Payment for any invoice is due on the date of the invoice.
  • If any unpaid balance remains 15 days after the invoice date, Freshbooks will send you a courtesy reminder.
  • A late payment fee of 18% APR will be added to any balance still outstanding 30 days past the due date, and compounded every 30 days thereafter.
  • Clients with multiple outstanding invoices can pay the entire amount due in one transaction.  See this page for instructions.
  • Failure to bring an invoice current after 60 days may result in third-party collection activity and corollary additional fees.
  • A regular student who develops a pattern of frequent past-due invoices may be asked to release their regular lesson time and switch to an “ad-hoc” lesson arrangement, as described above.

Website logins

I use a number of online resources to help me run my business, and students & clients may find themselves with a number of separate logins for these services.  (Some day when I’m rich and famous I’ll be able to afford a web programmer who can wrap them all up into one login, but until then this is what we have.)

You are certainly welcome to use the same password for each login if that makes it easier for you, but each password is defined and maintained separately.  Note that, as with any good online security system, I do not have access to “see” any saved passwords, regardless of where they are maintained—though I am able to reset any of these passwords to a random string if you misplace your login information.


  • To manage my invoicing and payment, I use Freshbooks, a wonderful service that not only streamlines my accounting but also maintains online records accessible by each client.  By visiting you can review the details and status of any invoice I’ve sent you since January of 2014.  (You should have received an email invitation with login information when I first set you up in the system, but you can always click the “Forgot your username or password?” link, or contact me directly, to regain access.)  In general, each household has one account at my Freshbooks site, regardless of the number of siblings, etc., who study with me.

Online resources

  • I may also invite you to log into my main website,, in order to access co-curricular resources, including those I’ve uploaded specially for you onto “Your Page.”  Each student will have their own login for this purpose (e.g., two siblings may have different user IDs on this site), and these are managed in the “back end” of my own website using the Private Content WordPress plugin.

Ad-hoc scheduling

  • Students who schedule frequent ad-hoc sessions may find it convenient to save their contact information in the scheduling widget I have embedded in the “Contact” area of my website.  This widget is powered by Acuity Scheduling, and your login information is kept separately there.

Life happens

You and I both have lives outside of our music studies.  If I find that the practices described above need to change, I will do my best to let you know of those changes.  If you find you’re having trouble with any aspect of this document, please ask for a few moments to talk about your concerns.  I want to do all I can to help you make music you love to make!

That said, thanks for taking the time to slog through all of these details.  Of course, don’t hesitate to let me know if I can clarify anything for you, now or in the future.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with you!