Transitioning to The Perfect 5th

As announced in January 2018, Season 32 will be my last season on staff at Open Stage of Harrisburg, and as part of this transition I will be moving my private students from that location to The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center in Mechanicsburg.   This location represents an increased travel time for only a very few of my current students (for most it represents a shorter commute), offers free parking, and is dedicated to teaching—no conflicts with rehearsals and production meetings.  I’m eager to get started there!

In order to achieve the most graceful and respectful transition possible, I’ll be making the move in two phases, beginning March 23.  (No changes will take effect until after CASA’s production of Little Shop of Horrors closes.)  The changes are explained below in detail, and the Acuity scheduler should reflect these changes if you need to reschedule appointments or add extra sessions.  At any time during this transition, if you find your current schedule to be inconvenient, I am happy to work with you to find a more appealing alternative.

Current Schedule

Before the transition begins, I’ll continue to offer lessons in Boiling Springs and at Open Stage, as follows*:

Phase 1: March 23 through March 31

March 16-17 will be my last Friday and Saturday offering private lessons at Open Stage.  From March 23 through March 31, Friday and Saturday lessons will be available at The Perfect 5th; Wednesday students may continue as scheduled at Open Stage.  For these 2 weeks, the following lesson times will be available*:

Phase 2: April 1 and beyond

May 30 will be my last teaching day at Open Stage; beginning in June all non-home regular students will be scheduled at The Perfect 5th.  Beginning June 1, therefore, the following lesson times will be available*:

*These will be my “advertised hours”; as always, some adjustments may be required, and I do have flexibility to offer some additional times if students are unable to make any of these times work for their schedules. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or concerns.