Paying multiple invoices

If you have multiple outstanding invoices in my system, you will see a notice of this in a blue box at the top of the screen when you view any of your invoices.  In the screen shot below, for example, the customer is viewing invoice #839, which has a balance due of $294.00, but also has two smaller invoices outstanding representing an additional $96.00 owed:



If the customer clicks the blue underlined text (“2 other outstanding invoices”), he will be taken to a list of all of his outstanding invoices:



Here he can click any blue underlined invoice number to view the details of that individual invoice and pay that invoice separately, OR he can click the big green “Pay All Outstanding” button to pay the $390.00 total he owes for all invoices in one payment.

Remember too that my Freshbooks account maintains records of all invoices I’ve submitted to you since January, 2014.  When you log in there, you’ll see the total balance of any outstanding invoices right there on the welcome screen, along with a “Pay Now” link that will let you pay all invoices at once via credit card:



Of course, if you have questions concerning any invoice, you can click the grey “Dispute” button at the top of that invoice, or simply Contact Me directly with your question.  Please remember, though, that the system will continue to add late fees to your invoice automatically every 30 days until payment is recorded, so your prompt attention is both wise and appreciated.