My Home Studio

parkingMy home studio is located at 7 Joseph Drive in Boiling Springs—roughly 8-10 miles each from the centers of Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and Dillsburg.  When you arrive, please park in one of the marked spaces on the driveway (see diagram), taking care not to block either garage door.  Enter the studio through the double doors directly off the driveway.

The “Chauffeur’s Lounge”

Parents and others are always welcome to take advantage of the “Chauffeurs’ Lounge” and “Chauffeurs’ Café” in the studio, if both they and their student(s) find that arrangement agreeable. These areas include complimentary access to:

  • sofa & armchair with coffee table
  • reading lights
  • power strips & wifi access
  • magazine rack with recent issues of Muse (for kids), Central PA and UU World (for adults), and Games (for anyone) magazines
  • single-serve fresh-brewed coffee & tea
  • chilled & room temperature spring water
  • chilled sodas
  • powder room

What’s nearby?

Boiling Springs offers several destinations that parents and other chauffeurs might find appealing while their students work on music.  If you’re interested in food, fuel, or just pleasant sightseeing, you’ll find several possible destinations on the map below.