Have a question or comment you’d like to send my way?  Zap an email to, or complete and submit this form:


You may also try reaching me at the church office at 717-249-8944, extension 4, but I am remarkably lousy at returning phone calls. You’ll generally get much better response times via email.


If you have old-fashioned paper or other physical goods to send my way, you may direct them to:

David M. Glasgow
PO Box 102
Boiling Springs PA 17007

In any case…

Please understand that as a freelance musician there are often periods of several consecutive days during which I’m involved in lessons, rehearsals, and/or other focused work for up to 15 hours per day.  During these periods I generally do not respond to any but the most urgent of messages, and to others I can appear to be incommunicado.  Please trust that I will respond to you when I emerge from these “crunch times”; if you haven’t heard from me after a week or so I’d welcome a follow-up email.