Have a question or comment you’d like to send my way that doesn’t seem to match up with any of the other categories in the “Contact” menu?  Zap an email to, or complete and submit this form:


Because I spend so much of my time in settings in which a ringing phone is a distraction, my phone does not ring and all calls go directly to voicemail, where they often languish for days before I even notice they’re there.  I strongly recommend using the form above to reach me—you’ll get a much faster response.


If you have old-fashioned paper or other physical goods to send my way, you may direct them to:

David M. Glasgow
PO Box 102
Boiling Springs PA 17007

In any case…

Please understand that as a freelance musician there are often periods of several consecutive days during which I’m involved in lessons, rehearsals, and/or other focused work for up to 15 hours per day.  During these periods I generally do not respond to any but the most urgent of messages, and to others I can appear to be incommunicado.  Please trust that I will respond to you when I emerge from these “crunch times”; if you haven’t heard from me after a week or so I’d welcome a follow-up email.